British Values

As part of children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, my provision actively promotes the fundamental British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance in order to encourage children to become well rounded members of society. These values run through all my policies, and my interactions and activities with the children.



I promote the British Value of Democracy by demonstrating how it works in discussions, decision making and voting. For example, children are taught that their views and opinions are important and are taken into account. Their interests and preferences are included when activities and topics are selected. Children are encouraged to make decisions together, take turns and learn how to interact appropriately and are helped to view themselves as being a valued and contributing part of our provision and of the community. We select activities and monitors etc. by voting (a show of hands).


The Rule of Law

My provision promotes the Rule of Law by demonstrating the need for rules in order to keep us safe. Children are involved in the development of rules and are helped to understand their own and others’ feelings and behavior and to understand that actions have consequences. Children are taught the difference between right and wrong, how to develop fair and reasonable rules and that rules should be adhered to for the safety and happiness of ourselves and others.


Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty is promoted by encouraging children to make preferences and choices in order to develop a positive sense of self, and to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence by celebrating their improvements and achievements and by promoting their independence. Children are encouraged to try a range of different activities in order to discover and select their preferences. Gender specific tasks, sports and activities will be challenged and all children will be encouraged to participate in all activities.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance

My provision promotes tolerance and respect of other faiths and beliefs. We create an inclusive environment and challenge discrimination of all types. Children are exposed to different faiths and cultures and are encouraged to embrace difference. Children are involved in the local community and are taught about places further afield using books, posters, video etc. and we celebrate the festivals of other faiths.