I will administer prescribed, in date medicines from their original container which includes the dosage instructions and manufacturers guidelines, once a permission slip has been signed. The type, amount, date and time will be recorded and signed for and the parent will sign on inspecting the record. I will also record the amount the child has had before arrival and when this was administered. I will store all medicines safely and strictly in accordance with the product instructions (which may require refrigeration in a sealed container away from food) and in the original container in which it was dispensed. If a child has medication that they administer themselves at my setting (such as an asthma inhaler) then I will ask them to tell me so that it can be recorded. Full details of the medication and the child’s requirements for it will be recorded and the parent will sign to give consent for the child to self-medicate. In an emergency, if I do not administer the medicine whilst the child is in my care I will inform parents of who will be responsible for the administration of medicines to their child. (Emergency back-up cover). If a dose is missed this will be recorded and the parents informed.   Children cannot be forced to take medication so in the event of a refusal this will be recorded and parents will be contacted. I will ensure that my assistant is aware of any medicines and the dosing needed by the children and will follow my procedures.