Phone, Photos & data Storage

I have a mobile phone which I keep with me at all times. All of my child minded children’s contacts are stored in my phone for use in an emergency if I am outside my home. I take good care of  my phone and ensure that it is always on my person during outings and is safe from thieves, loss and breakage. No one else is allowed to use my phone.

Due to Safeguarding Children issues arising in some child care provisions, mobile phones (or any other device capable of filming or photography) can not be used on my work premises during my working hours, by anyone other than myself or my assistant. Please leave your phone in a bag or pocket if you need to bring it onto the premises and do not remove it until you have left. If you need to use your phone, you will have to leave the premises before it is removed from your bag or pocket. If your child has a mobile phone or other device capable of filming or photography, it must be handed in to me until the child leaves. Could you please ensure that all people responsible for collecting your child are aware of this policy. I realise that this is inconvenient but appreciate your understanding and tolerance in this matter. I have your child's safety and privacy in mind.


Data Storage and Photographs


I may store data concerning your child on my computer. This computer is for my sole use and is password protected. The information is stored inorder to help me care for your child correctly and is confidential. You may view this information should you require. I am registered with ICO.