I promote safety within our environment and take precautions against accidents. Children are supervised at all time within my sight and/or hearing. They are encouraged to behave in a safe manner in order to avoid risk to themselves, others and our environment. Parents and children in their care are also encouraged to behave in a safe manner whilst on my work premises.

All accidents & incidents are recorded and signed for by parents. You will be contacted immediately if your child has an accident which is serious If your child arrives with an injury or mark, you will be asked to sign a record of it. Risk assessments are carried out when necessary and toys & equipment are regularly checked. I have various safety training certificates including Health and Safety and Paediatric First Aid (see qualifications list). Children’s records are kept up to date and stored safely.



Trampoline: Children are allowed to use the trampoline with parental consent. A maximum of 2 children (depending on size and ability) are allowed on the trampoline at a time. It has a permanent safety net and crash mats and rubber safety chippings around it. No toys, food or drink are allowed on the trampoline and clothing must be appropriate. Shoes cannot be worn. Children are taught to behave in an appropriate manner when using the trampoline and are not allowed to play below it or on the ledge on the outside of the net. It is inspected regularly.


Gas and Fire: My home’s Gas safety Certificate is checked every year and we have electronic smoke detectors, heat alarms and a fire blanket which are tested regularly. We involve the children in fire drills. I have a fire safety certificate. No one is allowed to smoke on my premises.


CRB Checks: All adults on the premises are CRB checked. I have completed Safeguarding and Prevent training. I am also registered with ICO and am approved by Staffordshire County Council as a licensed children's chaperone.

Parental Permissions: Parents are required to complete various permission slips concerning, for example sun cream and plaster application, the administering of medicines and first aid, the taking of photos and film and date storage, the use of mobile phones, contact with animals, the use of our trampoline, going on outings and permission to allow children of an age acceptable to parents, to walk to and from school and clubs etc. unaccompanied.


Pre Work Checks: Every session, before I allow children onto the premises, I check the environment used for childcare to ensure that it is clean and safe for use.


Pets:  All our pets at home are regularly vaccinated and vet checked and are used to contact with children. Our cats and dogs are house trained and do not go in the children’s outside play areas, having their own yard which is not accessible to children. If your child is frightened of animals, we are willing to work with them to improve this situation but it is something you need to consider before enrolling with us, especially if your child has allergies.


Visitors: During working hours, visitors, unless they are parents / carers of children being cared for at that time, are by appointment only and must sign a visitors’ book. ID is checked where possible and they are not left alone with children. They are not permitted to have photographic devises.


Doors: External doors and gates have locks or bolts or security devices which must not be operated by children.


Stairs: Children are not allowed upstairs and may not play on the stair case. When necessary, a stair gate is used.


Chemicals: Chemicals and medicines are kept away from children, out of their reach and sight. At St Paul’s, the cleaner’s cupboard is kept locked.


Food Allergens: I will provide a list of allergens contained in the food I provide.