Special Educational Needs

I will assess, with help from you, whether I can meet your child’s needs. If I cannot e.g. I do not have wheel chair access or appropriate training, I will provide you with information to help you find a setting that can care for your child appropriately. I have worked with Downs Syndrome, ASC and ADHD children and have attended several special needs courses and will continue to do so. I have regard for the ‘Early Years and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995’ and the ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability Code Of Practice’ (2014). I have up to date electronic copies of these. I will work closely with the child and parents and listen to your views, concerns, knowledge and experience so as to build on your child’s previous experiences, knowledge, understanding and skills and provide opportunities for them to develop.

I will observe and monitor individual children’s progress and where a child appears not to be making progress either generally or in a specific aspect of learning I will present them with different opportunities or use alternative ways of learning, and seek advice where necessary. If I identify that a child has special educational needs then I will use the graduated approach as described in the Code of Practice.

I will, with parents’ permission, use Individual Education Plans. These will record information about the short term targets set for the child. I will continually review the IEPs.  Children will be ensured equality of opportunity, whatever their needs. I will seek support from relevant bodies where necessary. Children in my care are encouraged to adopt British Values and value diversity and respect others by following my example, and by being exposed to positive images in displays and books and other resources. Inappropriate attitudes on my work premises will be challenged.