I have worked with children in schools, nurseries and playgroups and as a childminder since 2001. I am Ofsted and ICO registered, insured, a member of Pacey, A Staffordshire County Council Approved Chaperone and a Parent Governor of St Paul’s Primary School. I aim to offer your child and family the best possible, personalised, care. Your child’s development learning and care will be centred around play and be at their own pace, in a safe and secure environment ingrained with British Values. Where appropriate, activities and experiences will be planned according to EYFS requirements and your child’s age, developmental stage, ability, needs and preferences. Your family will always be treated with respect, whatever your background and I will work in partnership with parents to achieve the best possible outcome.

I have experience of working with children with special needs (ASC, Down Syndrome, Dyspraxia, GDD, Behavioural Issues and ADHD) and will care for special needs children if I have the appropriate facilities, experience and training. If I feel that your child would be better served in a different provision, I will provide you with information which should enable you to find the best possible care.

I offer wrap around childcare (before and after school care) and can collect and deliver children attending St Paul’s and St Austin’s Primary Schools.  I also cater for school clubs and other local groups. I sometimes work with an assistant depending on the number of children I am caring for. Children are cared for either at my own home or at St Paul’s Primary School, Garden Street, Stafford. Places are limited and siblings and St Paul’s pupils will be given priority.

If you are interested in using my child care services, you will be provided with my brochure of childcare information and policies. If you decide to use my provision, you will then receive a personalised contract and copies of the forms included in the brochure. The contract and forms must be completed and returned to me. I will keep records about your child which are kept confidential and can be accessed by you at any time.  You will be required to give various permissions for your child and you will be expected to adhere to my policies and procedures when visiting my work premises. Fees are to be paid in advance either monthly or weekly and all sessions booked will be charged for whether your child attends or not.

Statement Of Purpose