Parents are provided with a contract which sets out the expectations of both parties as to care and business arrangements. Personal information regarding the child’s medical situation, religion, parental responsibility, likes and dislikes etc. are also recorded, as is anything else that the parent feels is relevant. Various other forms, such as permissions, school collections and sharing information with other settings, also require parental signatures.

If either party has any concerns, these will be discussed. I am always happy to listen, discuss and answer questions. I am happy for parents to phone/text/email during the day if they have any worries or if they just want to know how their child is doing. I am always available at drop off and collection time.

Our wall displays and diary will provide you with information about meals what we have been up to and sometimes your child will bring their ‘creations’ home with them!

Parents will be asked to sign a form to allow me to discuss your child with teachers and other carers so that I can pass information between you and school and also pass on my observations in order to provide continuity of care.

I will keep you up to date with information from Ofsted, Pacey, Entrust, school and any other relevant body.

Working in partnership with parents is a two-way process and I encourage parents to keep me informed of anything that affects their child. I am not being intrusive, I just want to provide your child with the best care possible!

Working In Partnership